georgia brown's: washington, dc

considering what they charge for grits...you'd think they could afford to use correct punctuation. sigh.


Bill said...

Is "George Smith's" correct?

Gregg said...


Stumbled upon your site a week or so ago, and I love it! Signs and fonts and designs...and typos!...always get my attention, too.

I wonder, though, if I'm missing something in this one. Is there something I don't know about Georgia Brown, that the apostrophe is incorrect? Because it looks fine to me.

Great site! I enjoy browsing.

carolyn sewell said...

So glad you like the site! The goof here is that a dumb apostrophe was used as well as it is backwards.

Check out this link for more explanation:


Gregg said...

Thanks so much for the link. That site, and all of its font and typography info, will keep me reading for hours and hours. Good stuff.

I would argue here...and possibly be totally shot down in my argument...that the angle of the apostrophe indicates to me that it IS a smart apostrophe. Just doesn't have much flair to it, in keeping with the style of the font itself.

But I do agree that it's backwards, and am kicking myself a bit for not seeing that without having to ask. I mean, I actually STUDIED this thing before I decided to publish my ignorance in a comment.

Lesson learned. (well, until the next time I have to ask.)