make war's illegal: toronto, canada

there's so much going on here that i don't know where to begin.


building completion: toronto, canada

if they build the way they type...


happy hour sign: somewhere, japan

drink you from hands. (thank you trevor)


safety inspection: falls church, va

they really don't want to get rid of this sign.


bookstore sign: washington, dc

who needs the dewey decimal system when you have this?


Ohhmagah i got into HOW magazine!!!!!!

It's funny how things come full circle...

September 2005: Ellen Lupton speaks at AIGA Design Conference in Boston. Blown away by her presentation, I return to DC to work on getting her to visit DC for the ADCMW.

June 2006: Ellen agrees to give a lecture. I begin photographing signs for the invite.

October 2006: Ellen gives her lecture to a sold out crowd.

December 2006: Realizing how much fun I had photographing signs for the invite, I make it my New Year's Resolution to start a blog and post a picture every day (yeah, i know, I slip every once in a while).

January 2007: I start Pedestrian Typography.

August 2007: The Ellen Lupton invite gets into HOW Magazine's Self-Promotion Design Annual.

Thank you Ellen.


dinner's menu: baltimore, md

looks like somebody just learned about "punctuation" (thank you jamie)


help wanted: washington, dc

dead help is never good for business.


max and son: toronto, canada

i especially like the little bike painted under the street number.


fan fare: baltimore, md

if at first you don't succeed...


atm machine: baltimore, md

you see it all the time. sigh. (thank you jamie)


never on sunday: baltimore, md

so is it referencing the movie or letting customers know what day they are closed? or both? (thank you megan)


smokey's: washington, dc

another great dc barber shop sign.


school of nursing prosciutto chips: baltimore, md

as if the label itself wasn't odd enough, it's also spelled wrong. silly nurses. (thank you jamie)



compter desk: baltimore, md

it's very technal. you wouldn't understand. (thank you jamie)


sorriso: washington, dc

love the colors. love the distressed planks. love!


morty's: washington, dc

i loathe the font serpentine, but for some reason this sign does NOT make me want to vomit.


house of spice: toronto, canada

love the colors. don't love the swastika.


honest eds: toronto, canada

yeah, so it's missing punctuation, but whatev, this sign is too much fun! more info on Honest Ed here.