4x4 meme

I was recently tagged by Ernie Mosteller to participate in the 4x4 meme. The point of this meme is to share things about yourself that others may not know. You decide on 4 categories and must have 4 answers per category. So here goes.

Four places I applied to after college:
1. McKinney & Silver
2. Planet Propoganda*
3. Work Incorporated
4. BooneOakley
*thank you for writing me back.

Four places I have lived:
1. Birmingham
2. Florence
3. Grenada
4. Paris

Four things I did in high school and will probably never do again:
1. 4 Wheeler Mudding
2. Shotgunning Southpaw
3. Sunbathing in Aqua Net
4. Winning a Spirit Stick

Four of my favorite birthdays:
1. I can't remember how old i was (maybe 6), but it was a Big Girl Makeup Party and it was awesome.
2. My parents and I joined my good friend Ryan and his parents at Doe's Eat Place for the most amazing steak ever. Seriously. Ever.
3. My older brother surprised me with front row seats to a Fiona Apple/Counting Crows concert
4. Nothing fancy, but a recent birthday at local bar The Childe Harold goes down in the books.

I'd love to learn a little more about Shikha, Kate, Nicole, and Seth. Even if you haven't been tagged, feel free to share on your own blog or in the comments section of this post.

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