no parking: torrington, devon, england

angry, yet proper. (thank you chris)


Anonymous said...

now I know of 3 Torringtons... ironically I wouldn't be surprised to see a similar message over here in Connecticut, just worded slightly different :P

Anonymous said...

Or have a heart attack??
They have no shame themselves!

Anonymous said...

haha AMAZING. I live here. =]
Im pretty sure people still park there anyway

Patrick said...

Nice to see someone appreciates my no parking sign.

The heart attack comment concerns a selfish old woman who faked a heart attack when I asked her move her car so I could get mine out of the garage. My offer to call an ambulance produced an immediate, complete and miraculous recovery.

The sign had the desired effect. The local police dropped in a few days after I painted it and politely suggested I remove it.
But they also started handing out parking tickets.

Job done!